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Matsuri Performance Schedule

Performances start at 6:35 pm!!

Blue Moon Sanitizer


blue moon_edited.png

"We are a student band from UCSD, mainly covering Rock n’ Roll, ACG, J-POP, and other types of songs. We are also planning to produce our original music. We are thrilled to perform at Matsuri and to have you along for the ride. "

Absolute Zero (A0K)


absolute zero.png

"A0K was created in 2018 by a group of friends who wanted to keep dancing, even when life gets too busy. We try to cover KPOP or JPOP dances that challenge us, but also tell a story that’s familiar to the audience. And through all this, just remember that we’re just A0K!"

Asayake Taiko



"Asayake Taiko is a collegiate taiko ensemble based at UC San Diego with a mission to increase Japanese cultural awareness both within and outside of the UCSD community through the art of taiko! "Asayake” means “morning glow” in Japanese, and invokes the image of the early morning light playing on the ocean mist in La Jolla."

Chinese Dance Association



"The Chinese Dance Association at UCSD was founded in 2009. They are a group of students who share a passion for the art and grace of Chinese Dance and aim to bring Chinese culture to a larger audience through dance. Our members have varying levels of dance experience and embrace the joy of learning and performing a variety of Chinese dances. Each year, we add new dances to our repertoire and showcase them on and off campus. If you’d like to learn more about the Chinese Dance Association at UCSD, please find us after the performance or on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube."



"GenBlu is a student-organized band from UCSD that formed at the end of last year. They cover JPop music and consist of a vocalist, two guitars, a bass, a keyboard, and a drum. Each performer is from a different part of the world—Japan, China, India, and the United States—and all of the different cultural influences help create a unique sound and energy."






"Established in 2015, KOTX (pronounced "chaotics") is an all-inclusive kpop social and dance org at UCSD that spreads Korean culture through kpop. Always fun and crazy, let's get KOTX!"

Kendo Club


UCSD_Kendo_Logo1 (1).png

"The Kendo Club at UCSD was founded in 1998 and remains active to this day. Our club seeks to promote awareness and appreciation of the Japanese martial art, kendo. Our members have gone on to compete at the national and international level."

Polynesian Dance Club


polynesian edited_edited.png

"Polynesian Dance Club at Uc San Diego is a dance group on campus focused on promoting, practicing, and teaching various Polynesian dances. We focus on Hula, Ori Tahiti, and some Maōri Poi. We practice every Sunday at RIMAC Activity Room 1 from 2-4pm, come as you are and bring water. We can't wait to meet you!"

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